Coping with Modern Dating

Times have changed and so has the current world of dating. Courting has drastically changed into a texting competition and multiple speed-dating events. Plus, let's not forget dating through social networking sites. Of course, there's nothing wrong with meeting people online. This is the year 2024 and we should be open to the options that this new, fast paced world provides. But what about after chatting, emailing and texting for a few weeks? We definitely need to step away from the computer because we don't want to feel we're dating our computers! Needless to say, it is very frustrating. But computers are only getting smaller and fingers are only typing faster. So ladies, we must learn to cope with the changes or remain single. Here are some tips to help us along the way:

Confess Your Needs: Confess your needs after a third date. If you are a traditional and devout Catholic then you are seeking a committed relationship full of trust, respect, shared beliefs, and communication. Unfortunately, it is difficult to build these important aspects of a relationship if the relationship is mainly developing over text messages, emails, and instant messaging. So tell the man you are dating what you need. Whether its hour-long phone calls, meeting the family, or sharing laughs in person, you must confess your needs in order to receive.

Learn to Compromise: Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins. He wanted us to live wonderful lives and be filled with love for our neighbors, our family members, and ourselves. So it shouldn't be that difficult for us to compromise to achieve that happiness. State your needs but be flexible. If you need to speak to the man you're dating every day but he works hard and can't give you that time every day, then find satisfaction in speaking to him every other day. As long as what you compromise doesn't compromise your relationship's success, and your happiness, then you can do it!

Take a Calm Stance: During a Catholic mass you can feel calmness. You can especially feel this calmness when the priest asks the congregation to give la paz or the sign of peace. Strangers turn to each other and embrace, wishing one another tranquility and love. So let's bring this same tranquility into our romantic relationships. Take this peace of mind with you when communicating your desires and when compromising with your loved one. Love can be difficult and complicated (like technology) or it can be simple and just flow. Take a calm stance and embrace the latter instead of the former.

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